Accident of Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz in today’s stage.


Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz (Audi RS Q e-tron) were involved in an accident during the ninth stage of the 358-kilometer timed stage between Riyadh and Haradh. Six kilometers from the start the Audi RS Q e-tron suffered a rollover with serious damage to the car. Carlos and Lucas waited for the assistance truck to repair the damage and reach the Haradh camp. The damage to the vehicle is currently being assessed, as well as whether Carlos is physically able to continue racing.

Carlos Sainz: “Another complicated day on today’s stage. Six kilometers from the start we seriously damaged the car. We had to wait for the truck and go directly to the bivouac. The important thing is that nothing serious happened and we will have to see if the car can be repaired or not. We will also evaluate later if we are in physical condition to continue or not”.