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Gearbox problems and a puncture delay Carlos Sainz who continues leading

18 Enero 2018

Despite these drawbacks, Spanish completes the third last stage of the Dakar

Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz adopted a cautious pace to avoid any problems. The Spanish duo had a slightly more hectic second half of the stage (due to a gear selection problem) but he finished in ninth place and remains comfortably in the overall lead, 44 minutes ahead of his team-mates.

Carlos Sainz: “It was a really difficult stage. We were cautious in the first part of the stage, and we had to stop in the second part. I had a slight physical problem and had to take a brief break. We set off again and then got a puncture. Cyril and David gave us a hand to finish changing the wheel: thank you to them for that. At the end of stage we were stuck in third gear, but fortunately we were able to finish the stage!”

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